White Cooltube with External Reflector 150MM X 600

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Optimize Your Growing Conditions with Our White Cooltube and External Reflector - Lower Temperatures by Up to 10 Degrees for Maximum Yields!

Is excess heat in your growing space becoming a concern? Take control of your growing environment's temperature with our White Cooltube featuring an External Reflector. Designed to effectively expel heat generated by lighting systems, this Cooltube can help you reduce temperatures by up to 10 degrees, ensuring your plants thrive.

Why Choose White Cooltube with External Reflector?

  • Heat Management: Effortlessly connect one or multiple Cooltubes with 150mm ducting and a fan to flush hot air out of your growing space, mitigating heat stress on your plants.

  • Closer Light Placement: The Cooltube allows you to place grow lights closer to your plants without the risk of burning, resulting in increased lumen exposure and larger yields.

  • Versatile: Perfect for floor lighting setups, the Cooltube encapsulates the light globe within a glass tube, effectively venting heat out of the growing area.

  • Simple Installation: Easily mount the reflector shades either above or below your plants. Hook up ducting and use a fan to blow air through the tubes for a cooler, more efficient growing setting.

Cooltube Reflector Specifications:

  • 6" Small Cooltube: Features a 35.5cm long glass tube with an overall length of 56cm. Compatible with 250W, 400W, and 600W grow lights. Comes with 150mm flanges.

  • 6" Large Cooltube: Measures 56cm in glass tube length and 80cm in overall length. Suitable for 600W and 1000W grow lights. Includes 150mm flanges.

Take Your Grow Game to the Next Level: Stop worrying about heat affecting your plants. Invest in our White Cooltube with External Reflector for a cooler, more efficient, and yield-enhancing growing environment. Experience the difference today!

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