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Crystal Clear - Coco Flush And Brix Enhancer

Crystal Clear - Coco Flush And Brix Enhancer

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Introducing Crystal Clear Coco Flush: The Ultimate Solution for Cleaner, More Flavorful Harvests

Effortlessly Flush Out Excess Fertilizers

Say goodbye to stubborn fertilizer build-up in Coco fibre and Peat-based soils with Crystal Clear Coco Flush. This game-changing product is specially formulated to eliminate bonded mineral salts swiftly, ensuring a cleaner, nutrient-efficient growing environment for your plants.

Power-Packed with Complex Sugars for Optimal Plant Quality

Crystal Clear isn't just a flush; it's an upgrade for your plants. It features a blend of complex sugars designed to elevate Brix levels, improve Terpene profiles, and bring out the rich, vibrant colors of your plants as you approach harvest. With Crystal Clear, you're not just flushing out impurities; you're setting the stage for an extraordinary yield.

Efficient Flushing with Minimal Water Use

Traditional flushing methods can be water-intensive, requiring a minimum of 60 liters per 20-liter pot. Crystal Clear redefines efficiency by breaking the ionic mineral bonds in the growing media, allowing for quicker, more efficient flushing with a fraction of the water. Unlock nutrient pathways and draw out plant reserves without the waste.

Key Benefits of Using Crystal Clear Coco Flush

  • Swiftly Eliminates Bonded Mineral Salts: No more locked-up minerals causing nutrient deficiencies.
  • Enhanced Color Expression: Utilize as a final flush to maximize your plant's vibrant hues.
  • Removes Harsh Fertilizer Residues: Ensure a cleaner, safer harvest by flushing out harsh fertilizers.
  • Boosts Terpene Profiles and Flavor: Elevate the sensory experience of your produce.
  • Clears Nutrient Pathways: Helps your plants absorb what they need, when they need it.
  • Economizes Water Usage: Achieve effective flushing without the excessive water consumption.

For growers seeking cleaner, more vibrant, and flavorful harvests, Crystal Clear Coco Flush is the ultimate choice. Experience the benefits of efficient flushing and superior plant quality today.

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