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Cultiv8 Flexible Propagation Heat Mat

Cultiv8 Flexible Propagation Heat Mat

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Boost Your Seed Germination with Cultiv8 Flexible Propagation Heat Mats

Upgrade your indoor gardening game with Cultiv8's Flexible Propagation Heat Mats. Engineered for reliable heat distribution, these mats optimize root health in seeds and cuttings. With three convenient sizes—Small, Medium, and Large—you can find the perfect mat for any propagation tray, ensuring efficient plant growth from the get-go.

Features and Benefits

  • Accelerate Seed Germination: Offers a consistent heat source that boosts germination rates and fosters robust plant development.
  • Optimal Fixed Temperature of 25°C: Designed with an ideal preset temperature to meet the needs of most seed and cutting varieties.
  • Uniform Heat Distribution: Features heat dispersion plugs to generate an air gap, ensuring the heat spreads evenly across the surface.
  • Double Insulation: Built with dual layers of insulation for enhanced water resistance.
  • Available in Multiple Sizes: Choose from Small (Standard), Medium (Universal), or Large mats to perfectly match your propagation trays.

Opt for Cultiv8's Flexible Propagation Heat Mats for a streamlined and effective indoor gardening experience, tailored to meet your needs.

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