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Green Planet

Green Planet Dual Fuel 2Part

Green Planet Dual Fuel 2Part

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Discover Dual Fuel - Revolutionizing Plant Nutrition with a Cutting-Edge 2-Part Formula

Introducing Dual Fuel, the latest breakthrough in plant nutrition. This advanced 2-part nutrient formula stands out in the market for its purity and efficiency. Free from carbonates, synthetic dyes, and with the lowest salt and residue levels available, it offers a superior, commercial-grade solution. Its concentrated nature means less storage space, easier handling, and reduced plastic waste. Plus, Dual Fuel's "sludge-free" composition naturally balances pH levels between 6 and 6.5, minimizing the need for chemical adjustments.

Seeking a top-tier alternative to General Hydroponics Nutrients in Australia? Green Planet Nutrients presents an exceptional choice. With General Hydroponics no longer available locally, our range steps up as the go-to solution for Australian growers.

Dual Fuel's innovative 2-part formula delivers essential nutrients - nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and critical secondary micronutrients - tailored to different growth stages. Both components are used in a simple 1:1 ratio throughout the entire growth cycle, making it perfect for both commercial growers with injector systems and beginners seeking ease of use. Its high concentration reduces the volume required, offering significant cost benefits.

Dual Fuel 1 enriches plants with increased nitrogen (N) and calcium (Ca), fundamental for robust, green foliage. Calcium strengthens plant cell structures and enzyme activities. Meanwhile, Dual Fuel 2 is rich in phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), vital for photosynthesis, robust root development, nutrient transportation, and energy conversion. This fosters larger yields and supports vigorous growth. With Dual Fuel, expect lush greenery in the vegetative stage and abundant, vibrant blooms during flowering.

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