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Green Genius

Eazy Plug Seed Sowing Kit

Eazy Plug Seed Sowing Kit

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Eazy Plug Seed Sowing Kit - The Effortless Way to Jumpstart Your Garden

Welcome to a Greener Tomorrow!

At Green Genius, we understand the passion and dedication it takes to cultivate a thriving garden. That's why we're excited to introduce the Eazy Plug Seed Sowing Kit – your essential companion for starting your garden journey with ease and efficiency.

Why Choose Eazy Plug?

  • Effortless Sowing: Our kit simplifies the seed sowing process, making it accessible for gardeners of all skill levels.
  • Optimal Growth Conditions: Each plug is engineered to provide the perfect balance of air and moisture, fostering rapid and healthy root development.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made with sustainable materials, our plugs are biodegradable and environmentally conscious.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a wide range of plants, from delicate herbs to robust vegetables.

Inside Your Kit:

  • Pre-Formed Plugs: Ready-to-use, with no need for additional soil preparation.
  • Seedling Tray: Durable and reusable, designed to hold each plug securely.
  • Detailed Instructions: Easy-to-follow guide, ensuring successful sowing every time.
  • Green Genius Support: Access to our expert gardening advice and customer care.

How It Works:

  1. Insert Seeds: Place your chosen seeds into the pre-made holes in each plug.
  2. Water and Wait: Regularly water the plugs and watch as your seedlings sprout.
  3. Transplant with Ease: Once ready, transplant your seedlings directly into your garden or pots – the plug goes with them, reducing transplant shock.

Join Our Green Community

As Queensland's newest garden, living soil, and hydroponic growing supplies hub, we at Green Genius are committed to helping you grow your dream garden. The Eazy Plug Seed Sowing Kit is more than a product – it's a gateway to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.


Chemical analysis

EC  1 mS/cm
pH  5,9 1 : 1,5 water

Main elements

NH4  1,6 mmol/l
K  1,6 mmol/l
Na  1,2 mmol/l
Ca  0,7 mmol/l
Mg  0,7 mmol/l
NO3  3,7 mmol/l
CI  1 mmol/l
SO4  1,1 mmol/l
HCO3  <0,1 mmol/l
P  0,85 mmol/l
Si  0,05 mmol/l

Trace elements

Fe  5,1 µmol/l
Mn 1,7 µmol/l
Zn 2,1 µmol/l
B 4,7 µmol/l
Cu  0,3 µmol/l
Mo  0,2 µmol/l

Cation exchange capacity
CEC <10 mmol Eq/100 gr.

Physical analysis

Moisture content  84 %
Organic matter w/w  96 %
Inorganic matter 4 %
Bulk density dry material kg/m3 128
Shrinkage *  24 %
Pores * 92 %
Water on organic matter  7,7 gr/gr

* at pressure head – 10 cm.

All used raw materials meet the RHP substrates Quality hallmark

Order your Eazy Plug Seed Sowing Kit today and start your journey towards a flourishing garden!

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