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eazy plug starter kit

eazy plug starter kit

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Introducing Eazy Block: The Pinnacle of Sustainable Growing Media

Elevate your growing experience with Eazy Block, the next-generation growing medium that builds upon the already exceptional features of the Eazy Plug. Offering predefined pH and EC values, as well as a self-regulating air-to-water ratio, Eazy Block is designed for ultimate versatility, seamlessly adapting to any application and all existing cultivation systems. Plus, it's incredibly user-friendly.

Eazy Plug Square Cubes: Rooting Made Simple

With a unique blend of organic materials and a specialized bonding technique, Eazy Plug Square Cubes offer predetermined pH and EC values along with a fixed air-to-water ratio. Ensuring you can't overwater, these plugs self-regulate to maintain optimal growing conditions at all times. As a result, you'll experience rapid and robust rooting and germination.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient Germination: Ideal for kickstarting seed growth.
  • Easy Cuttings: Perfectly suited for striking cuttings and facilitating strong root development.
  • Hassle-Free Transplanting: Designed for effortless relocation of plants.
  • Unlimited Shelf Life: Unlike traditional growing media, Eazy Block offers an unparalleled shelf life.

Simply ensure that the plug can always drain excess water, and you're set for success. Make the smart choice for sustainable and easy cultivation with Eazy Block.

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