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Flairform GreenDream 1 A&B

Flairform GreenDream 1 A&B

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Elevate Your Hydroponic Journey with GreenDream A+B: The Two-Part Nutrient Formula for All Grow Media

Looking for a streamlined, efficient nutrient solution? GreenDream A+B combines high-purity mineral salts and chelated trace elements to provide a potent, user-friendly formula that offers numerous advantages:

Versatile and Concentrated

Whether you're using hydroponics, coco, or soil, GreenDream A+B offers unparalleled pH stability and higher concentration than competing two-part nutrients.

Simplified Seed-to-Harvest Nutrition

Skip the confusion of switching between grow and bloom formulations. Our A+B formula delivers consistent, high-quality results from the vegetative stage through flowering, making it the go-to choice for growers seeking convenience and performance.

Zero Blockage, Full Solubility

Our formula fully dissolves, eliminating the risk of blocked filters and drippers, and is suitable for both hard and soft water conditions.

Superior pH Buffering Capacity

One of GreenDream A+B's standout features is its exceptional pH buffering capability, especially valuable for those using high-alkalinity water. Few initial and ongoing pH adjustments are needed, minimizing nutrient failure and plumbing issues. In most cases, the pH falls within the optimal 4.5 to 6.5 range post-dilution, something many brands fail to achieve.

Optimal Dose Rate

Use 2-4ml/L (7.5-15ml/Gal) of both A and B solutions for optimal results.

Elevate your growing experience and eliminate the common pitfalls of nutrient and pH management with GreenDream A+B.

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