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Flairform pH Buffer 4

Flairform pH Buffer 4

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Achieve Unmatched pH Calibration Accuracy with Flairform's Buffer Solutions: Dual Standards for Reliable Readings

Accurate pH measurement is a cornerstone of successful hydroponic growing, and Flairform's buffer solutions are designed to give you the most reliable readings. Formulated with NIST-certified ingredients and specially stabilized to ward off algae and other growth, our solutions deliver consistent results for calibrating your pH meters.

The Importance of Dual-Buffer Calibration

We recommend using at least two different pH buffers with a pH difference of at least three units for precise calibration. Specifically, pH buffers 4.0 and 7.0 are the gold standards for calibrating nutrient solutions. Utilizing two distinct buffers ensures that the correct calibration "slope" is achieved, verifying that both your electrode and meter are performing accurately.

Don't Compromise on Calibration Standards

Beware of manufacturers who suggest that a single buffer is sufficient for calibration. Rely on professional-grade Flairform buffer solutions for trustworthy and accurate pH readings.

For hydroponic growers seeking the highest degree of accuracy in their pH measurements, Flairform's dual-buffer solutions are your most reliable choice. Trust us for precision and consistent calibration.

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