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FlairForm StopBloc

FlairForm StopBloc

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Unlock Smooth Flow with StopBloc: Your Ultimate Solution to Prevent Nutrient Build-Up and Blockages

Introduce StopBloc into your nutrient regimen and say goodbye to the common issues of blocked feed-lines, drippers, sprayers, pumps, and filters. Formulated to be compatible with all nutrient types, fertilizers, and growing systems, StopBloc is your all-in-one solution for keeping your irrigation systems free from obstructions.

Easy-to-Use and Highly Effective

For seamless integration into your existing nutrient solution, simply add StopBloc at a dosage of 0.2ml/L (1/6 tsp/gal). For recirculating systems, reapply every two weeks to ensure ongoing effectiveness.

Tips for Preventing Blockages

  1. Use Filters: Install filters at the inlet of your nutrient pump and in the return line of recirculating systems to catch unwanted debris.

  2. Proper Plant Placement: Position your plants in a way that minimizes the risk of roots being sucked into drain outlets.

  3. Maintain Ideal pH Levels: Keeping the nutrient pH below 6.5 helps prevent salt precipitation, including calcium sulfate.

  4. Regular Disinfection: Consistent sterilization of your nutrient solution prevents the growth of algae and slimes that can lead to blockages.

  5. Choose Soluble Nutrients: Ensure your nutrients are fully soluble and avoid using water with high hardness levels to minimize the risk of insoluble salts.

  6. Scheduled Maintenance: Implement a regular flushing and discarding schedule to prevent the accumulation of solids like insoluble salts and plant debris.

  7. Between-Crop Cleansing: Conduct a chemical flush between crop cycles to remove any insoluble precipitates.

Maximize the performance and longevity of your irrigation systems with StopBloc, your reliable partner for blockage-free nutrient delivery. Adopt it today and keep the flow going!

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