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Flower Training YoYo's

Flower Training YoYo's

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Our robust and reusable Plant YoYos serve as a premium plant support solution. They are designed to adapt and evolve with your plants, offering a more flexible and superior alternative to traditional wire or velcro plant ties.

Our adjustable Yo-Yo string system is constructed from resilient fishing line, ensuring reliable support while blending seamlessly into your garden. These strings are capable of extending up to 60 inches, catering to the needs of your plants as they grow.

The user-friendly design of our Plant YoYos guarantees hassle-free installation. All you need to do is secure the hook at the base to your trellis and extend the line to connect to your vining or fruiting plants.

Our Plant YoYos offer compatibility for both indoor and outdoor usage. They provide unwavering support to all high-yielding plants, be it heavy colas, buds, flowers, fruits, or vegetables. They work perfectly with tomatoes, peppers, climbing vines, and more. You can use them in indoor settings like grow rooms or tents, as well as in outdoor gardens.

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