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Gavita 400W Enhanced HPS Lamp

Gavita 400W Enhanced HPS Lamp

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Gavita Enhanced Lamps: The Optimal Lighting Solution for Consistent Growth and Maximum Yields

Superior Performance, Year-Round

Discover the exceptional benefits of Gavita Enhanced Lamps, the go-to choice for growers who prioritize stability, high light output, and long-lasting light maintenance. Engineered for efficiency, these premium-quality lamps require replacement only once a year and boast an impressive annual light maintenance rate of over 96%.

One Lamp, Multiple Options

Gavita Enhanced Lamps feature a unique frame wire construction that makes them compatible with both standard high-frequency electronic ballasts and magnetic ballasts. This ensures unparalleled versatility to meet the needs of diverse growing environments.

Best Practices for Lamp Efficiency

Initial Run Period:

For optimum performance, run your Gavita Enhanced Lamps at 100% for at least 100 hours to stabilize them. This step is crucial for achieving long-term reliability.

Adjusting Light Intensity:

After the stabilization period, you may proceed to dim or boost the lamps based on your specific growing requirements.

Note for Pro Line Fixtures Users:

If you're using Pro Line fixtures, opt for our Pro Lamps. These are specifically engineered for high voltage and high frequency, ensuring peak performance and compatibility.

Key Reasons to Choose Gavita Enhanced Lamps

  • Impressive Light Maintenance: With an annual light maintenance rate above 96%, frequent lamp changes are a thing of the past.
  • Versatility: Compatible with both electronic and magnetic ballasts for greater flexibility.
  • High Performance: Engineered for stability and superior light output, making it ideal for consistent growth and yields.

Illuminate the path to successful, high-yield growing with Gavita Enhanced Lamps—the lighting solution that delivers in quality, versatility, and durability.

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