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Gavita Pro EL HPS 600W LAMP

Gavita Pro EL HPS 600W LAMP

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The Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS lamp is optimized for use with digital ballasts. Traditional ballasts can cause acoustic resonance in the arc tube and distort the wire frame due to their high frequency. 

With a high output of 90,000 lumens and an enhanced spectrum, this lamp is suitable for both vegetative growth and flowering stages. The HPS lamp primarily produces light in the orange/red part of the spectrum for excellent flowering, while also providing some blue light for the vegetative growth stage. 

The Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS lamp has an E40 lamp base, and it is a 230V replacement bulb. It has been developed for electronic ballasts, and it has a light maintenance period of one year, with over 95% of light output maintained after 5000 hours of use.

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