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Growth Technology

Growth Technology Flower Focus

Growth Technology Flower Focus

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Discover the Power of Growth Technology's Flower Focus

Unveil the potential of your blooms with our specially designed Flower Focus formula. Engineered to boost the vibrancy and abundance of flowers, this solution works wonders across a diverse range of flowering plants.

Crafted with Growth Technology's cutting-edge Single Part Technology (SPT) and sourced from premium raw materials, our Focus Range supplies plants with a comprehensive suite of the 12 essential nutrients they need. Tailored to meet the unique dietary needs of different plant varieties, the Focus Range is your go-to for targeted plant nutrition.

Why Opt for GT Focus?

GT Focus stands out as a leader in liquid plant nutrition. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Each bottle of GT Focus is a complete nutrient solution.
  • Every formula contains all 12 vital minerals, including Calcium, in a form plants can easily take in.
  • Our solutions are pH-adjusted, ensuring that plants can access every nutrient efficiently.
  • Specifically crafted to meet the nutritional needs of various plant types.
  • Made from only the finest raw materials and chelated trace elements for seamless uptake by plants.
  • Free from chlorides, urea, sodium, and ammonium, which can be harmful and less effective.
  • User-friendly with straightforward guidelines.
  • Each bottle yields up to 200 liters of nutrient solution.

Expect Outstanding Results:

With GT Focus, look forward to nurturing a healthier, more robust plant that boasts:

  • Accelerated growth and development.
  • Enhanced root strength and growth.
  • Lush vegetative growth.
  • Larger, more vivid flowers and award-worthy blooms.
  • Improved resistance to diseases.
  • Higher resilience to environmental stresses.

Elevate your gardening with GT Focus – where plant health and vibrancy come first.

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