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Growth Technology

Growth Technology Orchid Focus 250ml

Growth Technology Orchid Focus 250ml

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Unlock the full blooming potential of your orchids with Orchid Focus, the ultimate nutritional solution designed specifically to enhance flower production. Don't settle for average blooms when you can have extraordinary ones with this exceptional product.

Contrary to the misconception that orchids don't require feeding, these stunning plants, just like any other green plants, rely on essential minerals and energy from the sun to produce vibrant, long-lasting blooms. Orchid Focus is meticulously formulated to meet the precise nutritional requirements of orchids during their flowering phase.

What sets Orchid Focus apart from other orchid fertilizers on the market is its expertly crafted blend of essential minerals. This carefully balanced formulation contains all 12 crucial minerals: calcium, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, and molybdenum. These minerals work synergistically to promote vigorous flower development and enhance the color, size, and longevity of your orchid blooms.

With Orchid Focus, you can rest assured that every application delivers a complete and concentrated liquid solution. Thanks to the revolutionary Single Pack Technology (SPT) pioneered by Growth Technology, all 12 minerals are soluble and readily absorbed by the orchids, ensuring optimal blooming results. While other fertilizers may lack essential minerals, Orchid Focus Bloom guarantees a full spectrum of nutrients that cater to the unique needs of orchids.

To maintain the utmost quality, Orchid Focus is manufactured using high-grade raw materials and chelated trace elements. This ensures effortless absorption by the plants, promoting robust flowering and overall plant health. Moreover, Orchid Focus Bloom is free from sodium chloride and the potentially harmful and ineffective Urea, making it a safe and reliable choice for your precious orchids.

When using Orchid Focus, it is vital to follow the recommended feeding guidelines. During the blooming phase, orchids require specific attention and care. Orchid Focus provides the essential nutrients in the right proportions, allowing your orchids to produce magnificent blooms. Avoid overfeeding, as it can hinder flower development and potentially damage the plant. For orchids with heavy feeding requirements, such as Cymbidiums in full bloom, a dilution rate of up to 10 ml per liter of water is recommended. Most other orchids will thrive with a dilution rate of 5 ml per liter.

Experience the transformative power of Orchid Focus and witness your orchids burst into an explosion of breathtaking blooms. With regular use, you'll notice enhanced flower quality, vibrant colors, and prolonged blooming periods. Give your orchids the nourishment they deserve and let Orchid Focus Bloom elevate your floral displays to new heights.

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