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Growth Technology

Growth Technology Vegetable Focus 250ml

Growth Technology Vegetable Focus 250ml

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Experience high-quality and bountiful yields in vegetables with the GT Focus Range. Expertly formulated for plants like tomatoes and cucumbers, but not limited to them, this line of liquid nutrients reimagines plant nutrition with its innovative Single Part Technology (SPT).

Why Choose GT Focus Range?

Holistic Nutrition: Differing from conventional fertilizers, each GT Focus product incorporates all 12 essential minerals, including Calcium, in an easily absorbable concentrated liquid form.

pH Balanced: The pH level of every GT Focus item is meticulously balanced to facilitate the maximum absorption and utilization of the essential minerals by your plants.

Tailored Formulation: Each product in the Focus Range is carefully crafted to meet the distinct nutritional requirements of various plant types, assuring optimal growth.

Superior Quality: With only the finest raw materials and chelated trace elements, GT Focus offers easy absorption, eliminating harmful and ineffective substances like chlorides, urea, sodium, and ammonium.

User-friendly: The GT Focus products come with clear instructions, simplifying the nutrient application process.

Cost-effective: Each GT Focus product can generate up to 200 liters of solution, offering excellent value for your investment.

What Can You Expect from the GT Focus Range?

Faster Growth: See your plants flourish faster as GT Focus enhances nutrient uptake and utilization.

Strengthened Root Development: Improved root growth and strength foster overall plant vitality and resilience.

Robust Vegetative Growth: The Focus Range stimulates abundant vegetative growth, leading to lush foliage and healthier plants.

Vibrant Flowers and Generous Blooms: With GT Focus, experience the joy of larger, more vibrant flowers and potentially prize-winning blooms.

Enhanced Disease Resistance: Boost your plants' immunity against diseases and pathogens with GT Focus's superior nutrient profile.

Increased Tolerance to Environmental Stress: Strengthen your plants' resilience against environmental stressors, securing their health and vitality.

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