House & Garden Magic Green Foliar Spray

Size: 250ml
Sale price$55.00


Experience Lush, Vibrant Growth with House & Garden Magic Green™: The Ultimate Foliar Spray for Thriving Plants

Unveil the secret to flourishing green leafy growth with House & Garden Magic Green™, a high-impact foliar spray expertly formulated with a blend of minerals and organic complexes. Designed to work wonders during the vegetative phase, Magic Green delivers the essential nutrients for successful flowering.

Elevate Your Greenery to New Heights

Spray Magic Green on rooted sprouts, cuttings, and mother plants up to twice a week to witness an extraordinary transformation. Your plants will showcase dark green, vibrant foliage, enhanced by a protective waxy layer that forms on the leaves.

Rapid Results for Healthier Plants

Turn around discolored or nutrient-deficient plants with the potent power of Magic Green. Experience fast and effective growth, and lay the foundation for lush, thriving vegetation. Note that Magic Green is intended for use exclusively during the vegetative period.

Revitalize your plants today with House & Garden Magic Green™ for the best in lush, vibrant growth.

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