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Hangups Light Hangers Set of 2

Hangups Light Hangers Set of 2

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Introducing MojoCow HangUps: The Ultimate Weight-Hanging Solution for Your Grow Tent or Grow Room

Elevate your indoor growing setup with MojoCow HangUps, the go-to accessory for hanging weights of up to 40 kgs with unparalleled ease and stability. Every pack comes complete with 2 HangUps, each engineered to carry up to 20 kgs securely.

Easy Height Adjustment and Robust Design

The innovative large-button and finger-disk design allows for effortless height adjustments for your hanging equipment. Crafted with 100% metal, these HangUps are not only durable but also ensure superior stability for your growing setup.

Hygienic and Resilient

Designed with your plants' health in mind, MojoCow HangUps are resistant to insects, mould, and mites, fostering a sanitized and clean environment for optimum plant growth.

Versatile and Comprehensive Package

Each HangUp cable measures a generous 2 meters in length, giving you abundant leeway to hang items at diverse heights. The pack also includes 2 steel cables fitted with hooks, 2 standard extenders, and 2 mini extenders, offering you complete flexibility in customizing the height and arrangement of your hanging objects.

Invest in MojoCow HangUps today to add a layer of convenience and reliability to your indoor growing experience.

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