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High Powered Organics

High Powered Organics ANTI-MATTER

High Powered Organics ANTI-MATTER

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One of HPO's most advanced formulations. ANTI-MATTER was born out of an intensive 24 month research project to could boost the effectiveness of organic soil growers results, and to provide what Enzyme formulas are shooting for in Coco, but in a form that is effective in soil, and doesn't work against the microbiome feeding the plant. 

The result, is something that has to be used to be believed. ANTI-MATTER delivers staggeringly fast root growth, with crisp, healthy, white roots emerging from plants whether used in Soil, Coco or Hydroponics. But also there is a notable increase in the plants ability to express its genetic potential. Growers have reported much higher anthocyanin production, resin accumulation, and decreased vegetative growth times. 

ANTI-MATTER also functions as an effective "cure all" to a host of common grower problems, such as poor growth from over watering, helping plants recover after pathogen attacks or environmental stresses, and provides systemic immune benefits that help the plant ward off pests and diseases in a natural, poison free way.

Able to be stacked with our top dressings HERB-SUPERB & STONE-AGE for synergistic benefits, and is also suitable for use with GREEN-SUPREME. 

ANTI-MATTER can be used in all the GRO-DIRT blends, as well as other organic soils, in ground plantings, recirculating systems and Coco grows. 

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