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High Powered Organics

High Powered Organics AQUA-MARINE BLOOM

High Powered Organics AQUA-MARINE BLOOM

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Have you ever heard the saying "A rising tide floats all boats?"

Our product AQUA-MARINE Grow & Bloom is a potent combination formula that is sure to float your gardens boat in more ways than one!

Straight from the lost city of AtPlantis.....This powerful, soluble dry powder formulation is based on 100% Marine derived ingredients.

AQUA-MARINE boosts soil nutrient uptake, while at the same time provides immediately available - yet soil friendly NPK sources, in forms that are exceedingly bioavailable. Perfect for smaller container volumes, or intensively fed gardens. It fills in gaps in plant nutrition & when used with our companion product OCEAN-POTION sea-minerals & kelp karbs, forms a complete macronutrient and micronutrient package capable of sustaining growth by itself!

Dry amendments can take days to weeks to become fully available to your garden, the sources in AQUA-MARINE act immediately, meaning if you have a plant that needs a quick hit? it can get it within hours! And the best part? it can be used alongside your favourite top dressings that are more "slow burn", simultaneously making them more bioavailable!

You can use AQUA-MARINE from early Vegetative growth, through to late Bloom with two distinct formulations offered, tailored to these specific growth phases.

Bigger buds - Energized growth - Sturdier plants that yield more? Send in the MARINES!

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