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High Powered Organics

High Powered Organics AQUA-MARINE GROW

High Powered Organics AQUA-MARINE GROW

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Elevate Your Garden with AQUA-MARINE Grow & Bloom

Ever been inspired by the saying, "A rising tide floats all boats?" If so, it's time to introduce that rising tide to your garden. Introducing AQUA-MARINE Grow & Bloom – a formula that ensures your plants don’t just survive, but truly thrive.

Delve into the Depths of AQUA-MARINE:

The Mystery of AtPlantis: Originating from the fabled city of AtPlantis, our potent, soluble dry powder is nothing short of miraculous. Every grain is infused with the power of 100% marine-derived ingredients.

Swift & Soil-Friendly NPK: Experience rapid results without compromising on sustainability. AQUA-MARINE offers an immediate yet gentle NPK source that’s incredibly bioavailable, ensuring your plants get the nutrients they need, exactly when they need them.

Optimal for Intense Gardens: Whether you're working with smaller containers or regularly fed gardens, our product seamlessly fills in any nutritional gaps. And when paired with our companion product, OCEAN-POTION sea-minerals & kelp karbs, your garden gets a holistic nutrient package that's second to none.

Rapid Response: While other dry amendments might keep your garden waiting, AQUA-MARINE dives right in. If your plants are craving a nutrient boost, they won't have to wait days – with us, they're revitalized within hours.

Enhance Existing Top Dressings: Want to supercharge your favorite "slow burn" top dressings? AQUA-MARINE not only works alongside them but amplifies their bioavailability.

Growth-Phase Specific Formulations: Tailored to cater to the unique needs of your plants, we offer two distinct formulations. From early vegetative growth to the final stages of bloom, AQUA-MARINE has got your garden's back.

The Promise of AQUA-MARINE:

Dream of plants that boast bigger buds, demonstrate energized growth, and yield more? Dive into a world where your garden's potential is unlocked. With AQUA-MARINE Grow & Bloom, you’re not just nurturing plants - you're sending in the MARINES!
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