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High Powered Organics

High Powered Organics DARK-MATTER

High Powered Organics DARK-MATTER

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DARK-MATTER living rhizosphere myco-cosm is an advanced, living formulation comprising a curated selection of beneficial Fungi & Rhizobacteria in addition to potent, natural Microbial & Growth boosters including:

  • Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizal species
  • Pathogen – Insect and Disease control species
  • Nutrient mobilisation, N-fixation and solubulisation microbes
  • Lactic Acid producing bacteria
  • Organic Carbohydrates designed to mimic root exudates
  • Instantized Humic Concentrate
  • Kelp Concentrate
  • Organic Minerals
  • Micronized Bio-Char

It is designed to work in a multitude of ways, with each ingredient building on the last resulting in a cascade of plant health and growth benefits. These all stack together meaning stronger – faster growing plants, that have a higher yield, improved end quality, along with the ability to resist and recover from common and pesky pathogens and insects.

DARK-MATTER not only extends the root system of your plant through the Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizal Networks, making the root system drastically larger and more efficient. Much of the observable universe is made up of a force we cannot see, in likeness there is much – MUCH more going on beneath the surface with soil than meets the eye.

DARK-MATTER populates the entire rootzone with soil balancing microbes that “fill the gaps”, crowding out the ability of Pathogens to take hold, containing species that have demonstrated abilities to control Non-Beneficial nematodes (while leaving beneficials alone), Pathogenic Fungi and Insects.

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