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High Powered Organics

High Powered Organics GREEN-SUPREME

High Powered Organics GREEN-SUPREME

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Introducing GREEN-SUPREME Plant Vitality Tonic, your all-in-one solution to enhance garden health across the board. This carefully crafted formula, packed with top-notch, fully organic ingredients, is engineered to elevate your plants' wellness to unprecedented levels.

Our mission was clear: create a product that not only fosters robust growth and plant health but also augments their metabolic processes, all while complementing our diverse soil and additive selection harmoniously – a challenging yet achievable goal. After extensive testing, we've perfected a formula that delivers remarkable results.

GREEN-SUPREME stands out by offering:

  • Enhanced water absorption and retention.
  • Significant growth and health boost for plants.
  • Improved flowering, ensuring dense and abundant blooms.
  • Strengthened resilience against environmental stress.
  • Notable integrated pest management (IPM) properties, especially when applied thoroughly as a foliar spray.
  • Amplified genetic expression, leading to vibrant colors, richer terpenes, and increased resin production.
  • Elevated immunity, naturally fortifying plants against pests and diseases.
  • Synergistic effects with both ANTI-MATTER and DARK-MATTER, heightening their efficiency when used together.

Ideal for every growth stage, from seed soaking and cloning to mid-flowering (switch to drench application early in flowering for optimal results).

GREEN-SUPREME is versatile, enhancing growth in our GRO-DIRT soil range, all organic soils, in-ground planting, and also in Hydroponic and Coco setups.

Elevate your gardening game... with GREEN-SUPREME!

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