High Powered Organics GRO-DIRT-Lite

Size: 20L
Sale price$40.00


Lite speed growth!

GRO-DIRT Lite is an ultra fluffy, high oxygen, fast-draining blend with a slightly lower total fertiliser package. It is well suited and optimised for Autoflowering / Landrace cultivars and particularly suits growers who like to feed aggressively with top dressings, teas and liquids. Or can be put to use as a water only soil for Vegetative plants, with minimal additional fertiliser being added.

Being lighter than the Full Spectrum GRO-DIRT, with a smaller overall granule size, and designed to have a faster dry-back means you can topdress & feed your plants more, inside a given crop timeframe. So if you like to play puppet master with your plants, you can steer your crop more effectively in this blend whereas the Full Spectrum GRO-DIRT likes to take the reigns.

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