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High Powered Organics

High Powered Organics HERB-SUPERB Supergrass

High Powered Organics HERB-SUPERB Supergrass

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This formula is rich in nitrogen and potassium, making it ideal for the vegetative stage of plant growth. It focuses on promoting strong leaf and stem development, essential for establishing a robust foundation for the plant. NPK Ratio: 6.8 - 1.3 - 1.6

HERB-SUPERB organic plant superfood is a unique formulation designed to pack a huge amount of nutrition, into a small package. Able to perform multiple jobs, including reinvigorating used soil, building a soil from scratch, supplemental feeding and the brewing of nutrient rich teas!

Featuring an array of top quality organic amendments, combined in proportions found through extensive trials to promote the absolute best growth possible.

The way HERB-SUPERB works is unique, some ingredients in it are rapidly available to the plant, nutrient-dense, and capable of providing a good initial boost after application, while other ingredients in the formula are designed to feed microbial populations in the soil. This causes an explosion of beneficial organisms which, downstream, means higher nutrient turnover, and ultimately more food for your plant long term. 

It is designed to work with your soil ecology, not against it. Containing no harsh nitrates, or phosphates (like mono-potassium phosphate), so it bolsters the mycorrhizal network, rather than diminishing it. 

HERB-SUPERB comes in 3 "flavors":

*SuperGrass (Green) - A higher Nitrogen and Potassium formula to support rapid, strong growth.

*Balance (Gold) - An "all-rounder" providing nutrition in a general use package equally suited to vegetative growth, as it is to flowering. 

*Mega Yield (Red) - A higher potassium formulation with a bump of Phosphorous for good measure, promoting maximal flower size, flavor, and trichome expression.

It can be as simple as Balance the whole way through, or you can start with SuperGrass, move to Balance and finish with Mega Yield for the ultimate in tunable results.

The 3 part combination works especially well in our GRO-DIRT Lite soil for Autoflowering plants. Enabling you to get the best growth of each short phase of development. It can also be used to "top up" nutrients in both our GRO-DIRT full spectrum blend and our GUERRILLA GRO-DIRT, so you have more left in your soil at the end of the crop, meaning a good head start on the next one.

Best used alongside our STONE-AGE mineral composite, for synergistic effects and the best overall nutrition pack. 

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