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High Powered Organics

High Powered Organics Humic Compost

High Powered Organics Humic Compost

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Unlock Soil Potential with HIGH-PowR Humic Compost: A Premium Carbon Source for Your Garden

Not Your Average Compost

Leave behind generic composts made from municipal waste and industrial trash. HIGH-PowR is a cut above the rest—crafted on a certified organic farm using closed-loop inputs for unparalleled quality and consistency. Think of it as the Wagyu steak of soil nutrition.

Purpose-Driven Formula

HIGH-PowR is designed to be a clean, microbiologically diverse building block for your soil. Ideal for reamending your garden, especially during the 3rd cycle, it can also be used for top-dressing and crafting high-quality aerated microbial teas.

What's Inside?

A rich medley of composted organic ingredients make up HIGH-PowR. This includes organically produced comfrey, field crops, woody plants, chicken bedding, cow manure, various types of organic straw, bio-char, and raw humates from Leonardite and Lignite. It's also enhanced with a suite of locally made biodynamic preparations, ensuring maximum performance.

Artisanal Production

Unlike commercial composts that are turned frequently, HIGH-PowR adopts a "low-turn" system, preserving more carbon and fostering a diverse microbial community. Its extended 9 to 12-month aging process results in a highly humified end-product, teaming with resilient microbes.

Comprehensive Analysis

  • pH Levels: 9.18 (1:5 Water), 8.78 (1:5 0.01M CaCl2)
  • Electrical Conductivity: EC µS/cm 3287
  • Total Soluble Salt: TSS ppm 10847
  • Major Nutrients: N 1.55%, P 1.43%, K 1.65%, S 0.637%
  • Total Cations: Ca 7.83%, Mg 0.87%, Na 0.527%
  • Trace Minerals: Cu 91.8 ppm, Zn 445 ppm, Fe 12100 ppm, Mn 981 ppm
  • Carbon Content: Organic Matter 38.8%, Organic Carbon 19.4%, C:N Ratio 12.5%
  • Moisture Content: 41.7%

Safety First: HIGH-PowR has been rigorously tested for heavy metals and various contaminants, with negligible levels found. It's also been cleared for the most harmful pathogens like Listeria, Legionella, and Salmonella.

Complete lab analysis available upon request.

Unlock your soil's full potential—choose HIGH-PowR humic compost for a garden that thrives.

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