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HY-GEN ES pH Electrode Storage

HY-GEN ES pH Electrode Storage

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Always keep pH electrodes stored in HY-GEN® pH Electrode Storage solution. HY-GEN® pH Electrode Storage solution is the same formula scientists use in laboratories to store glass pH electrodes. pH Electrode Storage solution maximises electrode performance and extends electrode life. pH Electrodes should never be stored dry. Buffers or distilled water are not suitable for storage of pH electrodes. Distilled water will cause ions to leach out of the glass bulb and render your electrode useless.

The electrodes can become coated in contaminates which build up over time. It is recommended that the electrodes be cleaned regularly with HY- GEN® Probe Cleaner solution before calibrating your meter.

HY-GEN® pH Electrode Storage and Probe Cleaner solutions are the same quality as those used in laboratories for the safe cleaning and storage of electronic meters. All Care solutions are made using high Quality Analytical Grade constituents.

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