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HY-GEN Coco Starter Pack

HY-GEN Coco Starter Pack

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The Hy-Gen Coco 2-Part Starter kit is a comprehensive plant nutrient system specifically designed for use with coco-based growing media. The kit includes two parts, Hy-Gen Coco Growth A + B and Hy-Gen Coco Bloom A + B, providing all the necessary nutrients for the growth and flowering stages of plants. It also includes a Hy-Gen Product Guide, offering tips and advice for the best results. This starter kit is an ideal choice for growers looking for a simple and effective solution for their coco growing needs.

Hy-Gen Coco Starter kit contains:

  • [1] x Hy-Gen Coco Growth A + B- 1L
  • [1] x Hy-Gen Coco Bloom A +B - 1L
  • [1] x Hy-Gen Budlink - 1L
  • [1] x Hy-Gen Nitro-K - 500ML
  • [1] x Hy-Gen PK Top Up - 500ML
  • [1] x Hy-Gen Sea Essentials - 500ML
  • [1] x Hy-Gen Humiboosta - 500ML
  • [1] x Hy-Gen Omegazyme 500mL
  • [1] x Hy-Gen pH Test Kits
  • [1] x Hy-Gen 2kg Cocopeat Bricks
  • [1] x 30L Pot Liners
  • [1] x Hy Gen Product Guide
  • [1] x Hy-Gen Limited Edition T-shirt Size
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