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HY-GEN Cornucopia Coco Bloom

HY-GEN Cornucopia Coco Bloom

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CORNUCOPIA COCOBLOOM is a single part, flowering and fruiting stage cocopeat specific nutrient. The chemistry is similar to our cocopeat specific two-part formulations and compliments the CORNUCOPIA COCOROW formula. The difference is that it is all in one easy to use bottle.

The nutrient levels are carefully formulated ensuring optimum ratios between nitrogen and phosphorous are achieved to give maximum flowering and fruiting benefit. All other major and minor elements are optimised and readily soluble when diluted in water. We include additional calcium and a natural kelp extract to condition the coco peat while stimulating and maintaining a healthy root system.

As flowering is initiated, flowers and fruit formation will require higher levels of phosphorous, potassium and trace elements. COCOBLOOM contains soluble forms of these nutrients, which produce the best results by giving improved colour, flavours and yields. It’s essential that plants have an adequate supply of easily absorbable nutrients available at the correct ratios.

CORNUCOPIA COCOGROW is also designed for use during the early stages of flowering. Continue using COCOGROW until there are visible signs that flowers and buds have clearly started to form. Start using COCOBLOOM in conjunction with the COCOGROW to ensure an optimal transition. This is the best-optimised way to follow the plant’s changing requirements. It’s important to use both growth specific and flower specific nutrient to get outstanding results. Use one single bottle for grow and one single bottle for bloom – Single is easy!

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