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In The Loop Premium Worm Casting 10L

In The Loop Premium Worm Casting 10L

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In the Loop is committed to producing top-quality castings by focusing on the well-being and productivity of their worms.

The worms at In the Loop are nourished with pre-composted food waste sourced from their food organics recycling division. The waste undergoes processing for at least 14 days at 65°C and is turned a minimum of five times, generating nutrient-dense worm food that fosters beneficial biology and eliminates seeds and pathogens. In the Loop diligently adheres to and exceeds the 'Australian Composting Standards' by monitoring compost pile temperatures daily.

The castings In the Loop currently sifts are over a year old, indicating quality rather than outdated stock. Both compost and castings improve with age. The worms process the materials multiple times, developing "microbial glues" that, when added to soil, create soil aggregates. These aggregates enhance soil structure, allowing roots, air, and water to move more easily and promoting the adherence of compost tea applications to leaves.

In the Loop also provides their worms with the following feed:

  • Neem cake
  • Kelp meal
  • Basalt rock dust (in small quantities)
  • Ground malted barley
  • Agricultural lime
  • Compost tea leftovers

The result is a high-quality vermicompost, rich in humic acid, that offers significant benefits to soil health, seed germination, and plant disease/pest immunity. When used as an actively aerated compost tea at a 20% concentration, it leads to impressive growth rates. In the Loop's 5mm sifted castings may also contain cocoons and small worms.

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