Integra BOOST Humidity Pack 67g 55% R.H

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Preserve Your Plants' Quality and Longevity with Integra BOOST Humidiccants

Ensure optimal conditions for your stored flower and plant material with Integra BOOST Humidiccants by Desiccate, Inc. Engineered for preserving up to 450g of flower in a sealed container, our humidiccants have some remarkable features:

Two Optimal Humidity Levels
Available in 55% and 62% relative humidity (R.H.), these humidiccants are versatile for a range of plants and flowers. Both levels are within the ideal range for preventing mold, dryness, or any loss of potency, making them safe for your choice of plant material.

Patented 2-Way Regulation Technology
Integra BOOST Humidiccants use patented technology that releases or absorbs moisture as needed, maintaining your chosen relative humidity level of either 55% or 62% in the container.

Customized Choice
The option to choose between the two levels allows for customization based on your particular type of flower or plant material, whether you aim for a drier or more moist environment.

Enhanced Preservation Qualities
Thanks to this smart humidity regulation, your flowers will not only maintain but can even enhance their effect, aroma, freshness, taste, smell, and color over time. This is particularly useful for plants that improve with fermentation during storage.

Safe and Effective
Being within the ideal range for plant and flower storage, both humidiccant options are safe and highly effective, allowing you the peace of mind that your stored materials are well-preserved.

Flexible Use
Suitable for both small-scale gardeners and commercial horticulturists, Integra BOOST Humidiccants are individually wrapped for your convenience, making it easy to scale up or down as your storage needs change.

Select Integra BOOST Humidiccants for the ultimate in plant material storage, keeping them fresh, aromatic, and effective for longer periods.

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