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Ionmax+ DF8PRO Dehumidifier

Ionmax+ DF8PRO Dehumidifier

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Discover the Power of Ionmax+ DF8PRO EcorPro DryFan®: Your Ultimate Dehumidification Solution

Reliable Moisture Control for Every Space

Introducing the Ionmax+ DF8PRO EcorPro DryFan®, a stellar industrial-grade desiccant dehumidifier engineered to tackle even the most challenging moisture problems. Ideal for homes, workshops, or commercial spaces, the DF8PRO offers round-the-clock moisture control, ensuring your indoor air remains fresh and dry 24/7.

Unmatched Performance in Moisture Removal

Capable of extracting up to 8 liters of moisture daily, even at 35°C and 90% RH, this powerhouse is your answer to demanding dehumidification needs. Crafted from durable stainless steel and boasting a compact design, the DF8PRO is versatile enough for various settings, reinforced by its IP22 rating.

Quiet Operation, Efficient Airflow

Operating quietly at 52dB, the DF8PRO ensures your daily routines or conversations remain uninterrupted. It features a robust 90m3/hr process airflow coupled with a 14m3/hr exhaust airflow, making it an exemplary choice for efficient moisture extraction.

Customizable and User-Friendly

Adapt the DF8PRO to your specific requirements with its 40mm wet air out duct and 125mm process air in duct. Optional humidistat control offers the convenience of fine-tuning humidity levels, enhancing your space's comfort.

Compact, Portable, and Guaranteed

With a lightweight frame of just 5.4kg and sleek dimensions of 20cm x 20cm x 20cm, the DF8PRO is effortlessly portable. Backed by a 2-year warranty, this dehumidifier isn't just a purchase but an investment in enduring quality.

The Ionmax+ DF8PRO EcorPro DryFan®: Synonymous with Superior Dehumidification

For those in need of reliable, heavy-duty moisture removal, the Ionmax+ DF8PRO EcorPro DryFan® stands as the unrivaled choice. Designed for continuous operation, it guarantees a consistently dry and comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Experience the difference with the Ionmax+ DF8PRO EcorPro DryFan® – Your key to a fresher, drier environment.

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