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Ionmax ION650 Rhine Compressor Dehumidifier

Ionmax ION650 Rhine Compressor Dehumidifier

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Ionmax Rhine: Superior Humidity Control & Dehumidification

Master Your Environment with Unmatched Efficiency

The Ionmax Rhine stands at the pinnacle of dehumidification technology, offering unparalleled control over your indoor humidity levels. Designed for those who demand the best in efficiency and convenience, the Rhine combines high-capacity moisture removal with smart functionality, ensuring your space remains comfortable and healthy.

Key Features:

  • Precision Humidity Management: With the Rhine, you have the power to tailor your indoor humidity to your exact preferences. Adjust relative humidity and power levels to suit energy-saving needs or for rapid drying of laundry, all with a few simple controls.

  • Autonomous Operation: Engineered for your peace of mind, the Rhine's auto mode features a built-in humidistat that automatically powers down the unit when the tank reaches capacity and restarts it after any power outage, ensuring continuous protection against humidity.

  • Smart Connectivity: Elevate your experience with the Ionmax mobile app, which allows for remote monitoring and adjustment of humidity levels. With this innovative feature, you can control your environment from anywhere, providing ultimate convenience and control.

  • Expansive Coverage & Easy Mobility: Designed to handle large spaces up to 260m³, the Rhine is ideal for extensive areas. Thanks to its integrated carry handle and four castor wheels, relocating the unit within your home is a breeze, ensuring optimal humidity control across different rooms.

  • Discover the Ionmax Rhine: Watch our video to see the Rhine in action, showcasing its effectiveness in managing indoor humidity, particularly in spacious living areas.

Ionmax Rhine Specifications:

  • Coverage Area: Up to 260m³ – perfect for large residential or commercial spaces
  • Dehumidifying Rate: 50L/day (at 30°C, 80% RH) – powerful moisture extraction for demanding environments
  • Noise Level: 50dB(A) – designed to operate with minimal noise disruption
  • Tank Capacity: 5.1L – reducing the need for frequent emptying
  • Operational Temperature Range: 5°C to 35°C – effective across a broad range of conditions
  • Power Requirements: 220-240V, 50Hz, 793W – maximizes efficiency without compromising power
  • Dimensions: 620mm (H) x 256mm (D) x 368mm (W) – robust yet sleek design
  • Weight: 17.3kg – solid construction for durability
  • Warranty: 2+2 years extended warranty – for long-term reliability and satisfaction

With the Ionmax Rhine, you're not just controlling humidity; you're transforming your living or working environment into a healthier, more comfortable space. Experience the ultimate in dehumidification technology and take control of your indoor climate with the Ionmax Rhine.

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