ISN Booster (Microbe) 1L

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Maximise Plant Growth with ISN Microbe Boost

ISN Microbe Boost is a powerful organic probiotic specifically formulated to enhance your plants' growth by improving root development, eliminating salt build-up, and increasing nutrient absorption. With ISN Microbe Boost, you can ensure healthier, stronger plants with larger yields at the end.

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid root growth: ISN Microbe Boost fosters substantial root development from the first week of use.
  • Prevents salt build-up: It effectively softens inorganic salts present in the roots, preventing accumulation and promoting overall plant health.
  • Breaks down dead root mass: ISN Microbe Boost consumes dead root mass and increases dissolved oxygen levels, leading to healthier root systems.
  • Waste conversion: The organic probiotics transform waste products into nourishment for optimal plant growth.
  • Foliar spray benefits: When used as a foliar spray, ISN Microbe Boost stimulates healthy leaf growth, increased flower production, amplified yield sizes, and helps combat pests.

How to Use

  1. Begin applying ISN Microbe Boost from week 1 of your plant's growth cycle.
  2. Add the recommended dosage of ISN Microbe Boost to the water or nutrient mix to support root development.
  3. Continuously use ISN Microbe Boost throughout the growth period to aid in root health, nutrient absorption, and waste conversion.
  4. For foliar applications, spray it directly onto the leaves of your plants according to the provided instructions and recommendations.

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