LFG CO2 Solenoid Regulator

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Introducing our exceptional regulator, flawlessly designed to integrate with our CO2 controllers, forming an efficient ecosystem for your indoor plant growth. Its precision accuracy flow meter can measure approximately 0.01 to 0.43 cubic meters per hour, allowing meticulous control of CO2 distribution. The regulator features a sturdy solenoid valve and a premium oil-less pressure gauge for lasting performance.

The hose tail is suitable for a 4.2mm internal diameter hose and is equipped with a solenoid valve and an AU standard plug. We also supply two plastic tank washers and about 4 meters of CO2 dispensing line for a hassle-free setup process.

One of the key attributes of this regulator is its robust copper components, designed to resist rusting and endure for years. It operates at 1 Amp, 240 Volts, and 60Hz, blending potent performance with energy efficiency.

In terms of specifications, the high-pressure gauge, measuring up to approximately 27579 kPa, can withstand a maximum inlet pressure of about 14700 kPa and a maximum outlet pressure of around 400 kPa. The inlet connection is a W21.8-14 AU standard, making it versatile for different applications. 

This solenoid is rated up to a 6kg "D" sized gas bottle.

This regulator is an ideal tool for enhancing the amount of accessible carbon dioxide, thereby speeding up plant growth and boosting yields in indoor gardens, grow rooms, hydroponics setups, greenhouses, and grow tents.

The package includes an LFG CO2 Solenoid Controlled Regulator. This device is the perfect tool for bringing consistency and improved growth rates to your indoor horticulture projects, ultimately enhancing your indoor farming experience.

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