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Organic Gardening Solutions

Organic Gardening Solutions Liquid Organic Fertiliser

Organic Gardening Solutions Liquid Organic Fertiliser

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Organic Gardening Solutions' Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Elevate Gardening with OGS's Premium Blend

Transform your garden with Organic Gardening Solutions' (OGS) Liquid Organic Fertilizer. Our expertly crafted formula is a nutrient powerhouse, featuring a balanced NPK (1.5/1.5/1.5) ratio, enriched with 5% calcium, and teeming with beneficial microbes due to the inclusion of humic acid.

Comprehensive Plant Nourishment and Protection

OGS's fertilizer goes beyond mere nourishment. It's a holistic plant care solution, fortified with salicylic acid for robust plant immunity and saponins for effective pest control. This dual action ensures your plants are well-fed and well-protected.

Versatility for Every Gardener

Whether you're into soil application, foliar feeding, or boosting your garden's microbial life, OGS's Liquid Organic Fertilizer adapts to your gardening style. It's designed to be gentle on plants yet highly effective.

Simple Application, Remarkable Results

Using OGS's fertilizer is straightforward — just 4mL per 1 Litre of water. This simple guideline allows for hassle-free application, ensuring your plants receive the right care effortlessly.

Transform Your Garden with OGS

Witness the transformative power of OGS's Liquid Organic Fertilizer: enhanced yields, vigorous growth, and healthier plants. It's more than a fertilizer; it's an integral part of your garden's health.

Step into a lush, thriving garden. Experience the OGS difference today.

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