Max Fan Pro

Size: 200mm
Sale price$295.00


Introducing the Max Fan Pro Series: Unparalleled Airflow Meets Supreme Efficiency

When it comes to maintaining the ideal environment for your growing needs, the Max Fan Pro Series emerges as a true game-changer. Engineered with precision in Germany, this fan redefines power, efficiency, and ease-of-use.

Key Features of the Max Fan Pro Series:

  1. Mighty Power in Two Speeds: With the flexibility of two-speed operation, you can switch between a breezy 793m3/h to a more potent 1220m3/h airflow with a simple touch of a button. Whatever your need, Max Fan has you covered.

  2. Superior Compatibility: Whether you’re coupling it with the Can-Lite Max 1000 or the Can-Lite Max 1500 carbon filter, or using it for extended duct runs, this fan effortlessly rises to the occasion.

  3. Revolutionary Motor Design: The 3D rotor-stator motor isn't just an upgrade; it's a revolution. Witness higher airflow, experience significantly less noise, and relish the efficiency that outshines previous models.

  4. Resilient Polymer Casing: The Max Fan Pro Series isn’t just about performance; it’s built to last. The toughened polymer casing safeguards the fan, adding a layer of durability and reliability.

  5. Compact & User-Friendly: The newest generation of fans is here. With an integrated 2-speed switch, a compact design, and straightforward installation, setting up the Max Fan Pro Series is a breeze.

  6. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning becomes a hassle-free task. Simply remove the brackets, and you're good to go, ensuring your fan remains in optimal condition.

  7. Stylish Yet Robust Design: Encased in a sleek, robust plastic housing, the fan isn’t just about functionality; it’s a statement of elegance.

Make the Max Fan Pro Series Your Choice

Why settle for average when you can have the best value in the market? The Max Fan Pro Series promises a harmonious blend of powerful airflow, unmatched efficiency, and a user-friendly experience. Elevate your growing environment to the next level. Choose Max Fan Pro Series today.

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