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Nutrifield Elements Grow A&B

Nutrifield Elements Grow A&B

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Introducing the Elements Nutrient Range: Your Comprehensive Solution for Hydroponic Plant Nutrition

Explore the unmatched flexibility and precision of our premium Elements Nutrient Range, designed to cater to a wide array of hydroponic systems. Whether you're growing in clay pellets, ebb-and-flow setups, deep water culture (DWC), nutrient film techniques (NFT), or traditional soil and potting mixes, our Elements Nutrient Range offers a one-stop solution.

Stage-Specific Formulations for Targeted Nutrition

Our Elements nutrient line is divided into two specialized solutions: Elements Grow A&B for the vegetative stage and Elements Bloom A&B for the flowering stage. Elements Grow A&B is tailored to optimize leaf, stem, and root growth, while Elements Bloom A&B is rich in the nutrients essential for flourishing flowers and fruits. Both formulations contain a balanced profile of macro and micro-nutrients, along with an optimized NPK ratio and chelators for enhanced nutrient bioavailability.

Precise Control Over Nutrient Delivery

The dual formulation of Elements Grow A&B and Elements Bloom A&B empowers growers with unparalleled control over nutrient profiles. Easily adjust your nutrient solutions to meet the evolving needs of your plants through both vegetative and flowering stages. With increased levels of phosphorous (P) and potassium (K), Elements Bloom A&B is precisely engineered to meet the high PK requirements during flowering.

Adaptable Across Various Growing Environments

The Elements Nutrient Range is versatile enough to be effective in numerous growing setups, substrates, and climatic conditions. Its synthetic formulation is less conducive to microbial growth, ensuring a cleaner system and extended lifespan for your equipment, including sprayers and pumps.

Research-Driven for Optimal Plant Health

At the core of Nutrifield Elements Grow & Bloom is exhaustive plant research. We've studied nutrient absorption, plant reactions, and environmental factors to create a nutrient line that addresses all facets of plant growth. Rely on Nutrifield Elements Grow & Bloom for robust, healthier plants and exceptional yields.

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