Nutrifield PK Heavy

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Elevate Your Garden's Flowering Phase with Nutrifield® PK Heavy™: The High-Potency PK Supplement for Bigger Blooms and Bigger Yields

Unlock your garden's full potential with Nutrifield® PK Heavy™, a cutting-edge synthetic supplement engineered to deliver optimal levels of phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) during the crucial flowering phase of plant growth. Phosphorous energizes your plants by playing a key role in energy production, while potassium ensures efficient water and nutrient transport, setting the stage for vibrant, healthy buds.

Unmatched Mineral Concentration for Outstanding Results

Nutrifield® PK Heavy™ packs a powerful punch with its high concentration of essential minerals, including Zinc (Zn). Zinc contributes to protein metabolism, maintains cell membrane integrity, and boosts chlorophyll production, ensuring your plants are at their peak health.

Optimize Flower Development for Superior Yields

By using PK Heavy™ consistently in your gardening routine, you can expect to see a significant impact on flower quality. The potent formula stimulates robust flowering, resulting in larger, heavier blooms and ultimately, a more bountiful yield.

Versatile and Compatible with All Growing Mediums

Whether you're an expert hydroponic gardener or prefer traditional soil, Nutrifield® PK Heavy™ is versatile enough to be used in any growing method or medium, offering you unmatched flexibility in your gardening practices.

Turn your garden into a high-yield paradise with Nutrifield® PK Heavy™, the trusted choice for optimized flowering and superior yields.

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