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Nutrifield Pot Liner 30L/3 PACK

Nutrifield Pot Liner 30L/3 PACK

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Elevate Your Coco Growing Experience with Our Premium Pot Liners: Breathable, Anti-Water Logging, and Convenient

Discover the ultimate pot liner solution specifically designed for Coco growing. Our liners come with woven sides to maximize breathability for your growing medium, as well as a netted base to prevent water logging. Say goodbye to messy growing experiences; these liners hold your Coco medium in place until the roots take hold.

Key Features of Our Pot Liners for Coco Growing

Enhanced Breathability

Thanks to the woven sides, our pot liners ensure optimal aeration for your Coco medium, contributing to healthier plant growth.

Anti-Water Logging Design

The netted bottom efficiently prevents water logging, safeguarding your plants from root rot and other moisture-related issues.

Easy-to-Use Drawstring

After you've harvested your plants and are done with the Coco, our convenient drawstring makes clean-up a breeze.

Make your Coco growing journey seamless and efficient with our specially-designed pot liners. They're not just liners; they're your Coco-growing game changers.

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