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Nutrifield Auto Feed 4 Pot XL Extension Kit 27L

Nutrifield Auto Feed 4 Pot XL Extension Kit 27L

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Nutrifield Auto-Feed's Revolutionary Watering Systems

Nutrifield Auto-Feed transforms gardening, from small home greenhouses to expansive commercial glasshouses, with its cutting-edge watering systems. Tailored for gardeners of all skill levels, our systems promise to surpass your expectations in nurturing your plants. The core of our technology lies in the innovative AQUAvalve technology, a unique feature that allows each plant to autonomously regulate its own irrigation. This ensures that every plant receives nutrient-rich water exactly when needed. The result? Uniform and exceptional growth across your entire crop, courtesy of Nutrifield Auto-Feed.

Introducing the 1Pot XL: A Game-Changer for Ambitious Gardeners

Designed for those aiming high, the 1Pot XL by Nutrifield Auto-Feed boasts an impressive 25 L growing capacity. Ideal for cultivating large plants and maximizing yields, its distinctive clam-shaped tray perfectly fits circular-based pots, making plant rotation effortless. The 1Pot XL System adapts to various mediums, empowering gardeners of all levels to achieve remarkable plant yields. With the capability to link multiple 25 L / 6.6 gal pots to a single reservoir, this modular system grows with your plants, spacing them as needed. Once set up and filled with water and liquid fertiliser, it takes complete charge of your plant’s feeding needs throughout their life cycle.

Versatile and Easy-to-Use Watering Systems for Every Setting

Our systems seamlessly integrate into homes, greenhouses, poly-tunnels, or gardens, providing an efficient and straightforward solution to feed and water your plants. Whether you're growing edible crops or ornamental plants, the versatility of our systems ensures optimal care for a diverse range of plants. Each purchase includes 4 Pot kits with accessories (note: reservoir not included).

Key Benefits of Nutrifield Auto-Feed Watering Systems:

  • Plants enjoy healthier growth and heavier yields, receiving fresh feed on demand.
  • Eliminate daily watering chores; our system autonomously manages plant hydration for weeks.
  • Operates without electricity, pumps, timers, or mains water – an epitome of eco-friendly innovation.
  • Recognized globally for its water-efficient irrigation capabilities.
  • Perfect for growing any crop variety, edible or ornamental.
  • Quick and easy extension of the system to meet your growing needs.

Aqua Valve 5: The Heart of Our System

Every Nutrifield Auto-Feed Watering System comes equipped with the Aqua Valve 5, featuring a 5mm inlet for rapid water flow and quick filling. This valve is adept at delivering a broad range of nutrients, including organic options, ensuring maximum system efficiency. The AQUAvalve5 operates solely on gravity pressure from a reservoir or tank, eliminating the need for pumps, mains water pressure, electricity, or timers.

As growers' needs evolve, so do our solutions. The AQUAvalve5 is designed to handle a wide range of nutrients with a faster flow and quicker fill, minimizing maintenance and the risk of blockages. Its responsive mechanism automatically waters plants to a precise depth and repeats the cycle as needed, simplifying plant care and ensuring optimal growth.

Discover the Nutrifield Auto-Feed difference and revolutionize your gardening experience today!

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