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Nutrifield Mesh Pot 200mm Suits 15L Pot

Nutrifield Mesh Pot 200mm Suits 15L Pot

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Discover the Versatile Nutrifield Mesh Pots for Your Ultimate Growing Experience!

Looking to take your growing to the next level? Look no further than Nutrifield Mesh Pots, expertly designed to complement our innovative Pro Pot System. With these Mesh Pots, you can create a seamless and efficient setup that guarantees success.

Here are the options you can explore:

  1. Combine with a Nutrifield Feed Ring and a 27L Pro Pot: This hassle-free setup is perfect for those seeking optimal results. Simply pair our Mesh Pots with a Nutrifield Feed Ring and a 27L Pro Pot to create a growing powerhouse. It's a foolproof solution for maximizing your yields.

  2. Use with a 15L Pro Pot: If you're working in smaller systems like deep water culture or flood and drain setups, our Mesh Pots are the perfect fit. Drop them directly into a 15L Pro Pot, and you're all set. These Mesh Pots adapt to your needs, providing flexibility and efficiency in smaller-scale growing.

  3. Endless Possibilities: The Nutrifield Mesh Pots offer boundless possibilities. Some growers even choose to use them as standalone components in deep water culture systems or alongside a wide variety of growing media. Their versatility knows no bounds, giving you the freedom to experiment and innovate.

Experience the convenience and adaptability of Nutrifield Mesh Pots. Elevate your growing game with a solution designed to meet your needs, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your journey in the world of gardening. Get ready to cultivate success with Nutrifield!

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