Organic Gardening Solutions IPM Spray 1L

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What is it ?

Our IPM Spray is the gold standard among safe organic practices for getting rid of spider mites, thrips, and all other plant dwelling critters that are causing you grief.

Formulated using state of the art practices and high quality ingredients, our IPM spray contains everything you need to stop invasive bugs in their tracks.

Whats in it ?

Our IPM spray contains the following amazing insecticidal ingredients

  • Emulsified Neem Oil
  • Silica
  • Saponins
  • Fulvic Acid
  • Fermented Tumeric Extract
  • Special Microbial Mixture
  • Aloe N Kelp Ferment.
  • Essential Oils 
  • 100% Raw Aloe

How Do I Use It ?

IPM Spray should ideally be diluted only when required.
  • For active infestation we recommend up to 50mL / L (if your plants can handle it).
  • For preventative measures we recommend using up to 20mL / L (if your plants can handle it).
Manually wipe off as many pests as possible with a damp cloth / tissue paper.

Spray the underside of the leafs or otherwise where the target pest is residing on the plant.

Foliar Application should be applied 1 once daily for an active infestation, with the possibility to applying twice if your plants appear show no negative signs post treatment (drooped leaf, sun spot damage).

The OGS IPM Spray should NOT be applied when the plant is in need of watering (during peak sunlight). This will lead to potential damage of your plants, ideally apply at dawn / dusk.

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