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Organic Gardening Solutions

Organic Gardening Solutions Combo Rock Dust

Organic Gardening Solutions Combo Rock Dust

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Boost Your Soil Health with Rock Dust Combo

Enhance your garden's soil structure and health with OGS Rock Dust Combo, a unique mixture of essential minerals specifically designed to promote soil development. When combined, these minerals improve soil structure, cation exchange capacity, and provide abundant access to trace elements, ensuring optimum plant growth.

Features and Benefits

  • Premium mineral blend: Includes Basalt, Gypsum, Oyster Shell Flour, Palagonite (Volcanic Rock Dust), Soft Rock Phosphate, Diatomaceous Earth, and Magnesite for optimal soil enrichment
  • Soil structure improvement: Enhances tilth and structure for better water and nutrient retention
  • Increased cation exchange capacity: Allows soil to hold and release essential nutrients more effectively
  • Abundant trace elements: Provides plants with the essential minerals they need for healthy growth
  • Convenient 1kg package: The perfect amount to kickstart your soil revitalisation efforts
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