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Organic Gardening Solutions

Organic Gardening Solutions Oyster Shell Flower

Organic Gardening Solutions Oyster Shell Flower

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Oyster Shell Flour is a premium Calcium source that takes longer to break down than other Calcium sources. This means by using Oyster Shell Flour you significantly reduce the risk of lockout issues arising when compared with alternative Calcium sources, which can be completely broken down in a few weeks in an active enough rhizosphere.

What is Oyster Shell Flour?
Our freshly ground Oyster Shell Flour is composed of a complex Calcium Carbonate matrix, interlocked with trace elements and covered in kelp and microbes. Oyster Shell Flour has been shown to:

  • Act as a Liming agent for the soil, providing pH buffering
  • Improve soil tilth
  • Provide and help to sustain favourable conditions for microbial activity
  • Stimulate enzyme activity
  • Increase Cationic Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • Boost the plants immune system
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