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Phresh InLine Filter

Phresh InLine Filter

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Gone are the days when Carbon filters were only limited to the endpoints of air filtration systems. Nowadays, they can be easily installed in-line just like lights and fans.

With the Phresh® Carbon Filter, users can trust that it will be integrated into an air-conserving body for efficient point-to-point air movement and filtration. These state-of-the-art Phresh® Inline Filters are capable of effectively cleaning the air of dust, foreign particulates, organic compounds, and odors.

They are designed to be twice as light and last twice as long as traditional filters. These filters are versatile and perfect for various applications, such as in grow tents, cupboards, and cabinets, where there is no roof/ceiling cavity to displace extracted air into. They are also ideal for use with air-cooled lighting, on lower-level floors of double/triple-story houses, for window-to-window ventilation applications, and for hot or cold filtered air transfer from one air-conditioned room to another.

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