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Green Planet

Green Planet PK Spike

Green Planet PK Spike

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PK Spike is a specially formulated supplement designed to enhance the growth and development of your flowering plants. It contains a blend of highly soluble sources of phosphorus and potassium that work together to provide a uniform quantity of these essential nutrients to your plants.

With over 25% more PK than the next leading competitor, PK Spike can be applied at a maximum rate of 1.0 ml/L to achieve a 250 ppm boost to your plants. This product is engineered to encourage budding, facilitate bulking, and promote the ripening of flowering plants.

The guaranteed analysis of PK Spike shows that it contains 14.0% available phosphate (P2O5) and 15.0% soluble potash (K2O), derived from multiple sources, including Monopotassium Phosphate, Potassium Acetate, Potassium Citrate, and Potassium Metaphosphate.

Using PK Spike can improve flower formation and seed production, result in earlier and more uniform crop maturity, and enhance the overall quality of your crop. Potassium is essential in starch and carbohydrate synthesis, which is necessary for the development of large and healthy photosynthesis organs. Phosphate deficiencies can result in a reduction in leaf expansion and also the number of leaves.

During the flowering stage, phosphorus plays a critical role in the essential functions of the plant that benefit flower formation. Added potassium helps convert phosphorous into energy that your plant can use and strengthens cell walls to support heavy flowers. This results in tighter and denser flowers with stronger cell walls, supporting plant health by boosting the plant’s immunity response to pathogens and attacking pests.

In summary, PK Spike is a highly effective supplement that provides a uniform quantity of phosphorus and potassium to your flowering plants, resulting in stronger, healthier plants with larger yields.

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