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Propagation Station Single

Propagation Station Single

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Propagation Station Single

Introducing the stunning Propagation Station Single. This beautifully designed propagation station is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your home or office space. The station is crafted from high borosilicate glass, which gives it a sleek and modern look, and features a natural pine wood frame that measures 22 x 11.5 x 7.8cm. The wood used in the frame is FSC Certified, ensuring that it is responsibly sourced.

Features and Benefits

  • Stylish design: The Propagation Station Single has a stunning design that will add a touch of elegance to any space.
  • High-quality materials: Crafted from high borosilicate glass and FSC Certified pine wood, this propagation station is built to last.
  • Perfect for plant propagation: The Propagation Station Single is designed specifically for plant propagation, making it ideal for plant lovers.

How to Use

  1. Fill the glass vessel with water.
  2. Take a cutting from your plant and place it in the glass vessel.
  3. Wait for the roots to grow.
  4. Once the roots are long enough, you can transplant your new plant into soil.
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