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Bio Diesel

Bio Diesel Rhino K - Organic Flower Hardener

Bio Diesel Rhino K - Organic Flower Hardener

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Organic Flower Hardener and Weight Increaser

Suitable for Soil, Coco, and Hydroponics.

Rhino K is a phosphate-free, microbe-friendly alternative to traditional monopotassium phosphate (PK) bloom additives, which can harm microlife and soil quality. Its 15% organic potassium solution promotes bud burst at flower onset and serves as an excellent flower enhancer during the last 3 weeks of budding to harden and swell calyxes, resulting in increased terpene and trichome production. Fulvates and vitamins optimize nutrient movement and reproductive energy, directing all minerals and plant reserves towards bud formation and oil production.

Rhino K, based on organic K-Citrate, is best applied by hand watering within 48 hours of diluting the concentration with water. Commercial growers should add Rhino K to reservoirs 48 hours before tank change for optimal usage and results.

  • Suitable for organic production
  • Compatible with Soil, Hydro & Coco Systems
  • More flowering sites with heavier blooms
  • Increases trichrome and terpene production
  • Larger bud calyxes for harder flowers
  • Higher value end product
  • More color expression at harvest
  • No harsh residuals at harvest and flushes easily
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