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Rock Fusion Grow & Bloom Nutrient

Rock Fusion Grow & Bloom Nutrient

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Maximize Plant Growth and Yields with Rock Fusion Grow & Bloom Nutrients

Elevate your plant's potential from vegetative growth to full bloom with Rock Fusion Grow & Bloom Nutrients—the high-performance, long-lasting plant food engineered for unparalleled results. Suitable for all growing systems, our nutrient solutions boast unrivaled shelf stability, ensuring no elemental drop-off over time.

Concentrated Power for Cost-Efficiency

Unlike standard nutrient products that require up to 10ml per gallon, Rock Fusion Grow & Bloom Nutrients are highly concentrated, needing only 4 to 8 milliliters per gallon of working solution. Save money without sacrificing results, and keep an eye on EC levels for optimal performance.

Tailored Nutrient Ratios for Each Growth Stage

Rock Fusion Grow features a balanced 1:1 ratio of nitrogen to potash, ideal for robust vegetative growth. On the other hand, Rock Fusion Bloom has reduced nitrogen and increased potash levels to promote blossoming, fruiting, and flowering. These single-part nutrient solutions are the most potent and advanced on the market, offering a nutrient-rich solution with 800ppm at a mere 8ml per gallon in pure water.

Unlock Massive Yields with Nutrient Density Technology

What sets Rock Fusion Grow & Bloom Nutrients apart is our Nutrient Density technology. This ensures an exceptionally high concentration of effective nutrients readily available to your plants. Each bottle is a powerhouse, packed with all the essential components for gigantic yields from start to finish.

Get the most out of every growing cycle. Opt for Rock Fusion Grow & Bloom Nutrients and witness unparalleled growth and yield in your crops. Experience the difference today!

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