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ROOT!T First Feed 125ml

ROOT!T First Feed 125ml

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Jumpstart Plant Growth with ROOT!T First Feed – The Essential First Step in Plant Nutrition

Give your plants the head start they deserve with ROOT!T First Feed, specifically designed to be the initial nutrient supply for your budding greenery. Developed in collaboration with a leading UK university, our formula encompasses all the vital elements required for robust plant growth right from the get-go.

Complete Nutrient Profile for Optimal Plant Development
While seeds naturally contain enough nutrients for germination, our First Feed enriches your young plants with all the essential nutrients they need as they transition into the growth phase.

Boosted with Humic and Fulvic Acids for a Strong Foundation
Our nutrient blend is fortified with Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid, optimizing soil conditions to ensure your plants get off to the best start possible.

Engineered Ratios for Healthy Root Systems
The precise ratio of Boron to Calcium in ROOT!T First Feed has been scientifically engineered to encourage rapid and healthy root development, making it a crucial early-stage nutrient for your plants.

Fortified with Vitamin B1 for Enhanced Resilience
Added Vitamin B1 not only strengthens seedlings but also enhances their natural resistance to diseases and infections, helping them thrive in the initial stages of growth.

Tailored Nutrition as Your Plants Grow
Once the first true leaves emerge, your plants will naturally require more nutrients. Alongside proper lighting and temperature conditions, a small dose of ROOT!T First Feed ensures your plants remain vigorous, laying the groundwork for successful transplanting.

Versatile Application Across Growth Mediums
Our First Feed formula can also be used as a pre-soak for ROOT!T Rooting Sponges and stone wool, offering versatility in how you choose to nurture your young plants.

Kickstart your plant's journey with ROOT!T First Feed – the comprehensive, early-stage nutrient solution that sets the foundation for a thriving garden!

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